Who are we? What is this?

So you showed up and have no idea what this site or viaOS is? Below is a quick rundown

  • viaOS is a new modern operating system based on Ubuntu Linux for your computer. Have one in the closet that is not used? viaOS can probably run on it.

  • viaOS is a continuation of the previous operating system “wattOS” that has been in existence since July 2008

  • viaOS 1.0 will be released May 1st, 2020

  • viaOS is under active development and has a goal of providing a simple lightweight desktop that is easy to use, resource friendly and can bring old hardware back to life.

  • We would love you to join our forums and help test, provide feedback and direction, and generally be a good citizen to millions of computer users who like to completely control their computers and the software they use.

  • We are closing down the wattOS forums and website slowly, and this is new place for all things related to the legacy wattOS and new viaOS as well as a friendly place to discuss Linux and computers in general if you like. We welcome all computer users with a slight bias towards a lightweight open operating system :smile:

Please join or follow on twitter @vialinux

You can now catch up and contribute on the go on your mobile device. Head over to the appstore or Google play and download the DiscourseHub app. Remember the server name is forums.viaos.io and sign in with your details.