Where is the viaOS?

Hey, it’s 9 days late now!! We’ve been waiting a long time for this, where is it???

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Hiya @mrhalloween just as an update for you and also for anyone else watching this thread.

Returning to a thread posted on the 27th March by @biff he mentioned and i will requote

" Hi folks…sorry been a little delayed.

Should have a more meaningful post this weekend. All is well.

I work in Healthcare so as you can imagine, unlike some who have time and are self isolating, I have been quite busy with that. (I manage technology for 7 hospitals here in the US) - so lets just say I am juggling a bit.

All is good however (as it can be) so your patience and grace is appreciated.


Given the current world crisis ongoing at the moment with covid-19, this has meant that biff has had to divert all of his attention to ensure all of those 7 hospitals have been able to maintain their functionality.

As soon as things start to ease off, he will be back so please please everyone have a little patience :slight_smile:
Many thanks


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Thanks to all developers! Stay well, safe and happy, as far as is possible. Looking forward to running viaOS on my old ASUS 701 eeepc. Using it to write a book. As my late dear mum taught me, “Patience is a virtue” :smiley:


Welcome to the forum @wiljaxon :slight_smile:

Cool, thanks for the heads up. :slight_smile:

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Cheiron, do you have the ability to release the beta to those of us that signed up for it? This way when Biff comes back, he will have a bunch of useful feedback from us. Just something to consider. Thanks.

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This right here is why I will never use a distro with a single person developer or tiny group of developers.

@Nobodyin unfortunately not no… we were waiting for the beta ourself when the coronavirus outbreak occured. had it been a week or so later… we would have had it to release. I have left an email with @biff as has @Leenie so as soon as we know… we will update.

@mrhalloween i appreciate your frustration as we all are frustated as well… we do have to respect the position that @biff is in real life however in that his role with hospital I.T management comes first.

Yes we are a small distro community, yes this is a single person developer… but that is how it has always been ever since WattOS R1 … Patience is a virtue as they say.


I wish I could like this post twice!

I meant no disrespect at all with my comment.
When the main person who developed “Peppermint OS” passed away I discovered that he was the main driver behind it, and that there was no “team” behind it! I switched away from “Peppermint OS” to other distros with teams of several people behind them because if God forbid, something happens to the person developing the distro / OS, it doesn’t suddenly stop being developed & becomes dormant or canceled!

Also, I’ve been working for the last several weeks (on & off) modifying and existing distro (MX Linux 19.2 32bit version) for install on really old systems. So I get a small idea of how difficult this can be. And I’m not even trying to create a whole new OS from the ashes of the old! Just tweaking this one to make it super easy for non-linux users.

My serious respect to Biff!! But I don’t know if I’ll use ViaOS, instead, I’ll likely stick with distros/ OS’s with actual teams of people behind them.

@mrhalloween many thanks for the reply. Most os forums would have simply deleted your original comment at best.
We do believe in sharing of opinions here which is why we left the comment up and tried to answer as best as we could.
We’ve always been a small close knit community here and for the most part it has worked with the single dev in place… we have had updates in advance of any downtime, etc etc… and yes this is not the first time we have had a big downtime.
I guess you could call us “quirky” :slight_smile:
You’re more than welcome to stick around and test/use if you want once we have some stability here :slight_smile:

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Hello! I was just wondering if we know where in the development process we are right now. I totally understand Biff’s dilemma… But once he is back, and able to start working on ViaOS again, how far are we away from a release? I think we are waiting on a Beta release, but how long after that?


Hiya @herndon.jeffreys

thanks for the post… @Leenie managed to get hold of him earlier, as you know @biff works for the hospitals keeping their IT running…

His reply was …

Tell everyone I’m good…covid had consumed all my time as I work in healthcare…

He is trying to get some free time to return to us currently and get a beta uploaded… once we have a beta we can get the ball moving with testing and breaking it! till we iron out the issues…

Bear with us! I know this has taken forever and a day but the covid has had other ideas sadly


Of course! Just more curious than anything. Under normal circumstances, how long between a beta and a final release… Not that anything is normal now… lol… but it would give a VERY ROUGH idea of what to expect

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@herndon.jeffreys it varies with the release to be honest and how many testers we have…

The last WattOS we bashed that out in under a month… but the microwatt we were never officially out of the beta for a good 2-3months

They are a work in progress and the betas are pretty well finished. @biff does alot of back testing before the beta is released. He does the alpha in person.

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Thank you Cheiron! ViaOS is worth waiting for! I have taken this lull to experiment with other distros… nothing comes close. What Biff and all of you do is REALLY needed!

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Hi everybody still here waiting to do some testing i guess this distro will take as long as it takes we are in unusual times all over the world.
I for one dont mind the wait so to Biff and anyone helping out with the distro take your time when release finaly comes am sure it will be good and anyone still here after all this time must be a true viaOS fan


Hi @noba,
We are all true fans and hope to help get rid of all those bugs in the 20.04 release.
Our system will be the best!


hello, i am new to linux in general, although i have tried all manner of small distros, puppy, tiny core etc, but instantly liked with wattOS, so i, like a few others are looking forward to the new viaOS, hopefully it wont contain much in the way of bloat, the whole reason i liked wattOS (version 9-64 bit ,as opposed to the r10 version ) was based purely on the default software it was shipped with. ( didnt care for lollypop, media player was removed, shotwell replaced gthumb )

anyway, 6months, 12 months, not a problem, i will just wait and see when ViaOS appears.


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@richard welcome to the community bud!

We’re in a bit of a quiet phase at the moment as @biff works for the hospital IT infrastructure in the USA so he has had to put things on hold for the moment to keep things running during this continual covid outbreak but we have been assured he will be back on the project as soon as things ease up for him at work so bear with us :slight_smile: