WattOS questions here please

As we have transitioned from WattOS to viaOS … i recognise that some of you are still using the much loved WattOS and with the old forum now going read only… I am opening this thread for WattOS questions.

Please keep this on topic, short and sweet.

Many thanks



Hi, I came across WattOS while looking for a suitable distro for my Acer Aspire Revo Nettop system (Intel Atom D525 / 4GB RAM). Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find any active download links to the ISO, and while I did manage to find a link to the .torrent file, there seem to be 0 seeders.

Can anyone please advise whether it’s possible, and if so, how I might be able to download a copy of the R10 64-bit .ISO for WattOS? Very much appreciated!

@spanqilicious leave it with us for a bit… i think one of us has an iso still kicking about. We’ll update this post once we have found a copy


ok… @spanqilicious i personally only have the 32bit version sadly… did you want that or does it have to be the 64 bit?

or do you want to wait for @Leenie or one of the others to see what they still have on disc?

Hi @Cheiron,

From what I can determine, the Intel Atom D525 has Intel 64 architecture and a 64-bit instruction set (https://ark.intel.com/content/www/us/en/ark/products/49490/intel-atom-processor-d525-1m-cache-1-80-ghz.html)

I don’t actually know what this translates to - whether a 32-bit or a 64-bit OS would run more smoothly on it. It shipped with 4GB RAM; my understanding is that a 32-bit OS wouldn’t make full use of all 4GB. The CPU only runs at 1.8GHz anyway, so I don’t have high expectations. So far, Windows XP, 7 and 10 all lag badly on the system, and the few lightweight distros I’ve tested haven’t run much faster.

I’m happy to try out the 32-bit version just to see how well it runs. What’s the most convenient way I can get it from you?

@spanqilicious 32 bit will use anything from 3.5 to the full 4gb depending on its efficiency so you’re ok there. let me check my iso to see if it is still working ok as it is on disc… and if it is ok… i will upload it as a direct download.

give a couple days to verify it due to my r/l work and stuff please and i will update unless someone beats me to it

@spanqilicious hopefully… this has uploaded ok…

if it asks for a password on the terminal screen that says login for the first time… just hit enter and it will load into the gui ready for testing and/or installation.

Note this is the 32 bit version of wattos 10 and is considered out of date now. we can support still but it is limited

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Thank you so much @Cheiron! :smile:

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@spanqilicious please let us know if it loads ok

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I found wattOS (2476 downloads !) at LinuxQuestions.org.
Look in ISOs , wattOS , wattOS R10

Also stumbled over ‘microwatt’, the weird-est, funny-est, crazy-est interface ever.
Reminds me of when I first handled a rubic-cube :crazy_face:

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Just a quick question, and I think I know the answer. I am using the last version of WattOs while I am waiting for ViaOS. Sometimes when I update, it gives me the option to upgrade from Ubuntu 16.04 to 18.04.5. I have always clicked “no” but was wondering if it is safe to go ahead and upgrade. I have always assumed it was a bad idea… that it would “break” WattOS, but is this true? Can you tell me what are the risks?

Yes this is correct… never upgrade the base version. WattOS was made using 16.04 and was made FOR 16.04 only and the newer versions will have changed some kernel and internal stuff that could stop WattOS working properly

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