wattOS changed my life almost 10 years ago!

I have been a member of wattOS forums for almost 10 years. I was just reading through the archives of the original forum and reliving happy memories. We have all come a long way! I simply can’t wait to see viaOS! Here’s to many more years Biff!


oh the memories eh @Leenie! … you joined about 2 years before i did (although i did re-register again in 2014) and i haven’t regretted one moment of my time with you fine folks! Here’s to many more with viaOS
WattOS Then

WattOS at time of handover to viaOS

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We still like to play with old puters! Biff said he used to install VectorLinux and give them away. I still do the same, only I used wattOS. For some reason, I still can’t get enough. You should see my workroom!

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Here is my profile at time of handover.

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Thanks to both of you for sticking around. I am excited for the next version. Lots of fun coming and new improvements and modernization. Thank you for continuing to be pillars that help me in moments of “why the heck am I doing this”. :slight_smile: - Happy 2020!