viaOS forum on mobile devices

We are happy to announce that you can keep up with viaOS forums on the go on both IOS and android devices.

I have been trialling the app on my Samsung Note 8 since we opened this forum and have been pleased with the results so far and how easy it is to use.

Head over to the appstore or googleplay and search for the DiscourseHub app and download and install it.

When you open the app… you will see something like this

Click on the “add your first site” button and enter -
then you should be able to sign in with your details registered here and that should be it…

If anyone needs any help with this, let me know in this thread and i’ll post a full picture step by step


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@cheiron It should be noted the app is called DiscourseHub. Very nice app!


@Leenie many thanks for the nudge. I have updated the post