Navigation improvement, back to viaOS?

Happy to end up here in the forums :slight_smile:
After browsing through the posts I wanted to return to viaOS main page … and found no link back.
Would be good to have this :ok_hand:
Kind regards, John

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hi @johnaagelv many thanks for the feedback. we have several initial options to hand.

  1. just scroll to the top of the page and you will see the viaOS logo and square… just click on that to return to the main page or click --> here <— on this particular thread.

  2. you can also for the time being press the g and h key on the keyboard together to shortcut to home.

  3. alternatively when you scroll on a topic the below “speech bubble” appears… click on it

I have flagged this for @biff to look at also to see if there are settings i don’t have access too which he can enable :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Cheiron - I better clarify - by back to viaOS main page, I mean the URL: - as that is where I original arrived from.
Kind regards, John

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Ah… many thanks :slight_smile: Yeah… the nav pointers i’ve mentioned will only return to the forum main menu. i’ll tag @biff for him to see this update.


I have included a new page topic for the time being with a working link to the website home page in Help And Support