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This thread is for you to introduce yourself to the forum and any experience you have had with our predecessor, WattOS and Microwatt.

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Hi just joined this forum i have been a lubuntu user for years until the lxqt version arrived just did not suit me anymore.
Started looking round for a lightweight distro watched a couple of youtube videos on Watt os looked ok but then found out it was dead but kept looking could not find anything that struck me like Watt os did that is when i decided to try Watt os again using the latest release before it died.
Went to download Watt os 5 and that was when i found the viaOS blog.
Thanks to whoever decided to cary Watt os forward into viaOS cannot wait so bring it on.
Hope i can help in some way.

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Hi @noba and welcome to viaOS!

Hope you enjoy your time with us! we already have some screen shots and initial looks at the new viaOS release on the forum.

I have a while using WattOS as my server base environment, and its feel so good, very small memory required and only costs few disk size with apt tools. My favorite is Microwatt, which is more effective and small size, nowadays is hard to find meets the requirement system, thanks again!!


Hi and welcome Bit. I can’t wait either!

Welcome :slight_smile: - yes there will be microwatt equivalent in the i3 version

Welcome to the new forum @Bit and glad you found us!

Hi, my name is Michael. I was gifted a couple very old laptops (10 to 14 years old) for learning Linux.

In my search for a simple distro to begin my learning I came across a 32-bit wattOS and it worked great, but then I noticed it was not being developed anymore, so I continued my search for a distro to use on laptops as well as desktops.

I’m looking forward to the new viaOS, and I’m really hoping that the team is developing a 32-bit version as well as a 64-bit version.

Hi, Switched to Linux about 6 months ago. First attempt was with an old Toshiba 32 bit netbook. Tried WattOS and really liked how zippy WattOS was on it but because I was so new to anything Linux I struggled, especially w/ synaptic package manager. Tried to stick with it but then saw there didn’t seem to be a huge amount of support or updates for it so I moved on, Currently running Linux Mint on my laptop and desktop comps and Lubuntu on the netbook. For some reason I keep winding back around to WattOS and then I discovered that it is currently being updated/upgraded/migrated to viaOS. Very excited to see what’s to come! Still a newb but if you need alpha testers, I would be willing to try to help in whatever limited capacity I can. Would love to be able to run viaOS on that 32 bit Toshiba netbook and I have an HP Stream 14 (64 bit) that I can devote to testing as well.

Thanks for continuing the project!

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We should have some updated news on the alpha release soon. For those that have not caught up in the forum, @biff works for hospital it systems so he has been delayed in working on it for the moment due to the current covid situation that is ongoing. Keep checking back for updates and news !

@bigpappayo We are here to help! Don’t hesitate to ask.

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Hi folks,

I have been using Microwatt for a while now, and I like it! I don’t remember which version I started with, but it was before the Debian based edition. Every other OS I try always feels too thick and wallowy, so I keep coming back to Microwatt. ViaOS is welcome news.

I’m not a good writer, so I’m not much of a forum-filler, But I did want to take advantage of this post to tell the author of Microwatt (Biff?) thankyou!


Welcome to the new look forum @mouseherder and nice to hear of your previous experience with us.
Things are currently a little bit slow here as @biff works for IT control/support for U.S hospitals, so as you can imagine with the current world state with covid-19 he has been diverted from here during this time of chaos. he will be back though as soon as things settle and ease up.

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Greetings! I’m an older IT guy who has worked with PC’s since the early 80’s, I actually worked with DOS 1.0 when it wouldn’t support hard drives and then repaired Apple II computers, worked with IBM OS/2 1.0 - OS/2 3.0 (Warp) and worked with Windows from its beginning and currently work with it and write software for an insurance company. I started working with Linux nearly 2 years ago to learn something new and am STILL learning a lot. I had been using Linux Mint but after a hard drive failed I decided to run Linux Lite 5.0 About a year ago I started a ministry helping the elderly (anyone 10 years older than me) with their home computers and was shocked to find the number of people still on Windows XP and who had fallen for those “You’re computer is infected - click here for help” messages. One person had even given their credit card information and had allowed someone to take over their PC. I had them cancel their credit card IMMEDIATELY and found their PC did have an bot on it. Anyway, what I began doing for these people is installing Linux on their older hardware if they did not have any proprietary software running. Most of them simply surf the internet and a few use ZOOM or Skype. I had been using Peppermint OS which works pretty well but heard about VIA OS and am very intrigued. I look forward to giving it a try!


Welcome to the madhouse @LanceCorporal! glad you found us. We are an evolution of the WattOS programme which @biff designed and rolled out.
Due to a small hiatus, we have now become viaOS, a more modern sleeker version of WattOS now and still support the older series.

We are on a bit of downtime at the moment in terms of getting a release out due to the nature of Biff’s work being with hospital IT systems in the USA, so as you can imagine things are still rather crazy atm there… we have a beta ready to launch pending his return so bear with us, have a look around and look forward to speaking more with you soon!

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Hello and Welcome @LanceCorporal! I loved seeing your credentials. Just ask if you need any help with Linux.

Greetings! with a added salute to LanceCorporal.
I am an ‘oldster’ too, sorting IBM punched-cards for the tabulating-machines in 1960.
Retired 2005, closing AlliedComputerResourcesInc, contract-consultants to City/County/State government systems. Our expertise was in document-imaging systems and related records-keeping applications. This ‘verticle’ area did not exist prior to the LAN era.
My first experience with client/server applications in 198x was a IBM 3270emulator card in a IBM PC. This led to PC applications to interact with the mainframe database content. Next was the PC client/PC server LAN with Novell leading the pack.
That development opened the door for super-mini-frame computers Digital, IBM, HP, WANG, DataGeneral, et al, to bring the mainframe power to the desktop. The desktop was mainly MS-DOS plus a few UNIX-based systems. I learned HP-UX IBM-AIX and a little BSD.
Then in 1992, the Windows parade came down the street and we all fell in line. That was Windows3.0, which with a little Digital’s help, became NT. You know the rest.

2006 we became volunteers at a NotForProfit Hospice provider. I was the man to determine scrap-or-sell for all donated PCs and related techie junk. Yes, we sold $1000 per-day, of that old junk you donated. Thank you. Don’t worry, we sanitized the disks with a magnet.
I installed a tiny linux on some 200 OLPC (one-laptop-per-child) for a supplier in S.America.

Now, here I sit with my Corona(cold one) on this big Apple/LinuxMint rocket, waiting a download of some old driver for some oldster that won’t give up their ancient laptop from when they were a Corporal !

that’s just a joke, Lance ;>}