Dev Updates 2-08-2020

Greetings all, quick updates.

  • The planetwatt forums have been made read only with sticky annoucements on each forum so nobody misses it.
  • The main planetwatt web site references viaOS now and links to the home page

Development questions and updates.

  • What browser do we want? I am very interested in Brave, but am going to drive it the next couple weeks to see if that makes sense as it would be a lighter alternative and more private, but with a mainstream enough user-base and engine that we would not run into casual user issues. Feel free to add commentary here on alternatives as it is not settled yet for sure.
  • What other desktop software? I will throw out a few other thought starters for discussion.
    • Music player or not?
    • FTP client and or torrent client?
    • Picture editing or not?
    • The normal “scaffolding” around LXDE will be there (EG. PCManFM for files, lxappearance, etc)
    • I will post a separate discussion around i3 specifically and what it will have/need since it will have a subset of LXDE tools, but does not necessarily need to be identical since the user-base for that is usually different than a casual user.

Once we get a few more things settled, more screens and substantive info will arrive. I am thinking that the first private ISO for LXDE will come in roughly a month from now.

Onward and Upward!



Personally, I use PaleMoon. I don’t know much about Brave. As for music player, I typically end up downloading audacious… It is what I am familiar with. I use VLC and GIMP quite a lot… even on my dinosaur… If you could include those I would be grateful. Thanks again Biff!

  1. FTP… i’d say stick with Filezilla… its bombproof and dead simple.

  2. Music player… gotta be VLC

  3. (don’t forget veggie’s scrot) for screenshotting :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

  4. Brave browser… few niggles with this one… idle with no tabs it uses about 110-130mb ram and even on my windows 10 with its ryzen 2400G… its sneaking 2.5% peak cpu use with it just idling and not doing anything… that aside… it seems pretty zippy in use and not too bad.

Does it warrant a torrent client… not really… that can be user added. no point adding bloat to the initial distro.
Picture editing… i’d prob start with Pinta… as a base and allow users to install what they want afterwards

Browser: Brave
Music player: Audacious (VLC give me lots of problems with my videos: MPV=Smplayer because of better support for subtitles)
Torrent: Transmission (but leave it for the user preference)
Thanks again for your effort.

Just an idea - instead of baking in specific program let’s make an installer for the user to chose preferred software upon first start and somewhere in the settings for later use. That will save space on the installation media and we’ll avoid discussions like: brave vs vivaldi vs chromium vs firefox vs palemoon and thunar vs nemo vs nautilus vs pcmanfm etc. You get it. Again, there are some cons to that approach but just a thought.


Chromium and Transmission are my must haves. I use an office type setup, so I use Softmaker Free Office and Gimp. I have to typeset and edit photos.

  1. I have tested a few web browsers on my laptop (running Debian 10), I can say Brave is by far the best one, very lightweight and bundled with some useful features. Firefox is a distant second, as it uses considerable more memory compared to Brave. Epiphany and midori do not work well (lots of bugs); while chromium is very heavy on resources.

  2. In terms of other desktop software, I wish you go as minimal as possible, and not to include software that most people are not going to use. For example, most people are not using FTP clients, email clients, Music players (streaming is the norm nowadays), picture editing tools (people who want to use editing software can easily download them). Also, for torrent clients, transmission is lightweight, stable, and easy to use, but we don’t even need it if you chose Brave as a web browser, since Brave comes with a built-in torrent client.

  3. A final request, from my experience running LXDE for a couple of years, I found that Lumix theme and its icon theme is the way to go to make LXDE look its best, I would appreciate if you consider adding them to ViaOS.

I have used Lubuntu for a couple of years, and I did not like the route they are going with LXQT; also used LXLE for a few months, and I do not like how loaded it is with software packages I’ll never use, that is what led me to find out about ViaOS, looking forward to trying it soon.


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Welcome to the forum @MBZ15 and thanks for the input. Do you mean the “Numix” as opposed to Lumix theme? if so… yeah its a nice clean modern look i agree :slight_smile:

however… i feel it does fall short when compared to rivals like paper and papirus. (Paper lacks icons for coding files which Papirus and Numix have) That i admit

My personal favourite though has to be Moka in terms of looks and subtlety

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Thank you @Cheiron. Yes I meant Numix, I miss typed it because I am always thinking about cameras (Panasonic Lumix) :sweat_smile:.

The other icon themes you mentioned are great as well, I like Moka a lot, the only issue I found with it is that it is large (megabytes) compared to others for some reason.

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Aye this is true. Sometimes simplicity is not as lite as people expect though hehehehe

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