Dev update 3-27-2020

Hi folks…sorry been a little delayed.

Should have a more meaningful post this weekend. All is well.

I work in Healthcare so as you can imagine, unlike some who have time and are self isolating, I have been quite busy with that. (I manage technology for 7 hospitals here in the US) - so lets just say I am juggling a bit.

All is good however (as it can be) so your patience and grace is appreciated.



I think everyone understands. Take care of yourself, Biff. ALL healthcare workers are important

No worries @biff just as long as you need to do what you need to do and stay safe out there.

Can’t wait for your post. Take care Biff and stay away from sick people!

no problem Biff take care

Hi biff thanks for the post and as much as i want to test the iso just you put yourself first healthcare workers are important even without the virus problem.
My wife has had this bug on her lungs called pseudomonas had it for 18 months been taking colomycin for all that time so healthcare has been important to her.
But now we have this virus thing going round healthcare is more important to her than ever cos if the virus gets to her it will not be good news.
Please take care of yourself and any family you healthcare peeps are golden.
Am sure if it was not for the healthcare my wife recieved here in UK she would not be here with me now.