Dev Update 3-1-2020

Greetings all!

Things are motoring along nicely. Few quick updates and of course some random thoughts and some pics.

  • Looks like the installer is mostly sorted and simplified

  • LXDE - making it pretty and lightweight

  • Look and feel mostly sorted still a few little things.

  • Looks like we are on track for a private alpha for people to test in a week to 10 days.

  • Still testing mostly on 19.10 - primarily because I build from scratch from the netiso to keep it small and specifically to be sure things that I do not want are not pulled into the base which keeps it smallish. 20.04 desktop daily builds are giant 2.6G images so I am going to leave that alone for now knowing that we will work through any strangeness once 20.04 is final.

  • Simplify…simplify. Keeping things simple from a desktop perspective. Not sure if its age or just fatigue of the endless bloat and feature creep in modern desktops. I seem to continue to go the opposite direction.

  • Testing a quick launcher on the alpha desktop - its light, python and easy (meeting criteria) - probably not as light a rofi (which is what I use on i3) but for LXDE its a pretty nice speed touch to get to things.

  • Testing brave and pinta on the alpha desktop. I have had no issues with brave so far, I am on the fence on pinta. I have used it in the past with an older related release. I don’t like the mono dependencies, but it does seem lightweight. But thats what alpha and beta desktops are for, to test out some things.

  • If you want to be in on the alpha test, please respond here and let me know. I will send out downloads privately once ready.

  • Really want to focus on a modern light desktop that is simple but can still have some nice quality of life improvements - LXDE first - i3 will come a little in testing.

Pics for fun - yes you can zoom in on them for full size :slight_smile:







I’m willing to test the alpha. Been waiting forever!

I’m wanna to join in the alpha test! Thanks and appreciate!

Count me in, please. Looks really great!

Hi Biff, yeap send us a build over please. I’m good at breaking things :see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:

Would love to test, but my computer is 32 bit. With 1 MG internet service, in my rural county there’s no point in upgrading. Sorry!

Yes, I’m in. Please include me in testing. I have a laptop with home partition ready. Not sure about Pinta. Have they fixed it so you can decide exactly what size you can make a photo?

heya @Leenie you can pre-test pinta on windows if you want… or on an existing distro.

does this answer the question though ? resizing images on Pinta

Hi am new to the forum but would enjoy testing i have two old laptops waiting .
Dell Latitude D420 12" screen not sure how old this one is.
Acer Aspire 5740G 15"screen 9 years old it has an ATI HD5470 graphics card so use this for light gaming.
My hopes for viaOS are same as this part of the update post.
Simplify…simplify. Keeping things simple from a desktop perspective. Not sure if its age or just fatigue of the endless bloat and feature creep in modern desktops. I seem to continue to go the opposite direction.
Age has nothing to do with it i have been on linux as long as i can remember but have allways used LXDE mind you i am 73 years young so could be my memory is going aha.
My first try at Linux was a free cd of Mandrake from a linux magazine.
Thanks for the keep it simple statement just do it.


@Cheiron see my comment here:
I did try Pinta. Installing again to see if they fixed it. My issue is you cannot resize a photo to a specific size. Obituary photos must be 1.5 inches wide.

Ah ok. thanks for the update and keep us posted. They have a good series of how to’s on youtube on how to do stuff with pinta.

Easiest way @Leenie … is via use the link to find your screen res in dpi… then use the form to calculate the pixel size to inches…

That’s a cheat’s way to resize to an exact requirement…

I only initially suggested pinta as it was a basic package! Looks like the community may require something a little… errr… different and easier :crazy_face:

Pinta just crashed when I tried to resize a photo on Lubuntu 18.04.
This calculator I found seems to be easier to use:
I will keep trying.

hi @Leenie could you try MTPaint on your Lubuntu please out of curiousity…

It is essentially a linux clone of MS Paint!

And then compare with Drawing and let me know which you find better and easier from a newcomer point (plus if it does the resize thing)

Neither program works for me.
MTPaint does not allow specific sizes, but it is easy to use. It did not crash.
Drawing is impossible to use, even on my big screen. And it just crashed. Newbies would have a hard time with this one.
Pinta just might be the only option, if we can stop it from crashing! With the size converter I found it could work.

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Have installed pinta today as not used this program before have allways used inkscape for my needs.
Tried to use it as someone new to linux so to resize an image click image menu box at top of screen then click on resize image now you have two options percentage or absolute size it makes no difference which method you use the outcome is the same so you make image size smaller then want to enlarge it a little it becomes blured the other way round ie enlarge a pic the need to make it a little smaller blured again .
You can click on view menu at top of screen then click on zoom in/zoom out as many times as you want no problem but if you save picture it just saves to the origional size.
At this stage i think a new user would give up.
There is a way round this but it is not something a new user would know.
I do remember using a paint program in linux that was meant to replicate mspaint but cannot bring to mind the name it might have been mtpaint but not sure.
Forgot to mention am using linux mint 18.2 XFCE striped down to a bare minimum plus a few bits like inkscape/handbrake/clipgrab installed.

Another one to consider is Fotoxx. It was actually on an old release of wattOS (dont remember what version but it was a while ago). I have not used in a while myself, but I will throw that on a VM to see how it performs, etc. as well.

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Oh wow @biff … I’d forgotten about that one!

Checking out Fotoxx.

Fotoxx has been trying to index my photos for over 20 minutes. It is a no go for me.

Have you thought of using Krita it is part of the calligra suite and in the ubuntu repos no idea how heavy it is but software manager says 35MB free space am going to install it later tonight