Dev Update 01-19-2020

Greetings folks. Quick update.

As was discussed on the previous post, I am confirming 2 things.

  1. Yes we will use LXDE

    • My previous resistance to going with it for something new was mainly in the fact that it has been clearly stated that LXQT is the path forward. But after some analysis, playing with both, I can safely say I still prefer LXDE. Cannot seem to connect to LXQT. I feel safe enough that both are still being worked (albeit one slower than the other for obvious reasons)
  2. Yes there will be a i3 window manager version.

    • Personally I have been using i3 as a primary UI for nearly 10 years.I made the switch for my own use back in 2011 or 12 (cannot remember exactly honestly) and as is well documented, when a tiling WM clicks, its hard to go back. Its an efficient low memory way to work. Its not everyones cup of tea however, and I understand that, so we will obviously keep both. There are also times when a traditional desktop works better (games is one example) and programs that you have to fiddle with to behave properly on a tiling window manager. Almost every system I use has i3, then some other window manager for the occasion that its just faster to switch briefly to do whatever you need rather than jumping in and messing with a config on an airplane with no sleep. When doing core work however I am a very happy i3 user, and rarely have a problem that I cannot adjust to stay in i3.
  3. What other core packages should we make sure are installed by default?

    • There has always been a balancing act between image size and functionality. Back in the old days its was to try and make sure the image could fit on a single CD. That has kind of gone away now with USB media for the vast majority, but its still a thing, and I prefer to keep things as lean as possible and let the user decide what they want. The mantra this year is “Modern Simplicity” - A modern OS without the bloat that you can install on most anything and make it your own.

Early alpha shots of LXDE and i3


Oooooh i really like the new slick icon pack there. that looks so clear and modern. Looking really good!
:+1: :+1:
I have stuck the screenshots and link to our forum onto WT.Social and in a short while will create a sub wiki for here there @biff

Thanks! I am on the same page as you about LXQT. Really great your LXDE version.

welcome to the new look forums @ulisseskat :slight_smile:

Thanks so much, Biff! I love LXDE but was worried it was basically a zombie, being SLOWLY developed. I thiught this was especially true in regards to Ubuntu… I heard that it was moving away from GTK packages. I am THRILLED we can still use it!

I do love LXDE. I can tweak to my heart’s content.


@biff i3 is absolutely fantastic to see, I like to test the .iso on my netbook eeepc 1001px.
With the last Microwatt and a new battery I have circa 9 hours of standby.
Can’t wait to test the new .iso.
And is possible to keep the name “Microwatt”?


Looks good. :slight_smile:

Hello. Is it possible to include conky on the live CD. I like to know how much memory is being used at anytime. I also prefer LXDE.

hi @Nobodyin and welcome to the forums! Interesting you have mentioned conky… not often seen these days on stock stuff… Gonna be looking at about 20 - 40mb ram use depending on how its set up and run so not that heavy on resources… I’d be happy with it also to be honest. my only gripe is it does leak memory usage over time and its not that friendly for beginners.

I’ve used it in the past but i’ve been more a fan of the slightly heavier Cysboard simply due to the html and css styling aspects… although it does admittingly have a habit of crashing when editing the themes lol.

Anyways… awesome suggestion and we’ll see what @biff decides :slight_smile:

Hi folks - head over to the latest update to discuss. Couple of other thoughts.

  • Conky - I like it and like to configure things and see all the cool things people do, but as Cheiron mentioned - not typical for the casual user. Maybe its an i3 thing? Not sure, but I’ll add it to the list.
  • As far as the microwatt name goes, its probably gone :slight_smile: - but if we all want to “codename” things for fun, I am good with that, and what would we want to call each for public consumption :slight_smile: - Im all ears.