Dev Update 01-11-2020

Greetings all -

Saturday Update #1 on viaOS development

  • New name and landing spot
  • New forums and basic website are up! Invite your friends and join.
  • Plan for old forums is to go “read only” on 1-18-2020 - Next Saturday
  • New twitter account is up - @vialinux -

Questions and what do you we want?
This will help make sure the next version hits the mark.

  • What are the 5 most important things you need in a “new” OS?
  • What things should most definitely be left out
  • What is your current OS, or what do you use for work and or play?

Things we know today

  • viaOS is the new name
  • It will be based on Ubuntu
  • It will be released a week following Ubuntu 20.04 (so May 1st, 2020)
  • It will have 2 versions (light desktop, and an i3 version)

Random thought and topic we need help with

  • What desktop should we use? LXDE is in a strange state, LXQT is also a bit strange, XFCE is pretty stable and nice, but slightly heavier, i3 is great but not for “normal” users typically, the rest? I am all ears. Let me know what you think we should do? The most important thing is that its supportable and something that will behave predictably and be skinny on resources.

Thats it for day…lets get the forums populated and build this community and site back up and work towards our next release of viaOS 1.0!


Hi Biff,
About the desktop environment, I think the Moshka desktop environment should be considered. It is very light. Am I the first one here? I don’t see anyone else.

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Welcome Leenie to the new look site! I’ve been here for a couple days now looking things over. Whilst i do like the Bodhi style of Moshka… i think with the watt heritage … XFCE or LXDE is preferrable. Mate is very nice but it is heavy and very bomb proof lol… look at Mint with mate and cinnamon !

Helllo :slight_smile: So answering the questions :slight_smile: I think I wish for LXDE because it is simple, fast and light.
I really wish for a Linux with rolling system on.
I hope for scrot to be the screenshot /printscreen tool on Linux ViaOS. I need to take several screenshots in seconds and its the right tool for the work that I need to do.
I just have to press the PrintScreen keyboard key and it automatically takes a screenshot and puts it in the right file place the Home FOlder. Simple and easy .
If it can be done with XFCE or other its okay to me. The essential is Scrot installed and working like it is on LXDE.

welcome to the new look forum veggie. Looks like i got the sweepstake one re the scrot comment :wink: :wink:
Many thanks for the desktop environment note for LXDE also :slight_smile:

Hi Veggie,
I agree about LXDE.


LXDE is the younger environment to XFCE and as such doesnt quite have the storage footprint of its elder sibling. There isnt that much difference between Xu/Lubuntu if you really dig deep… just speed and ease of use. Both good but i think most people are more used to Lubuntu flavours as its the faster overall which is agreeable with me also :slight_smile: Interesting to see how this is panning out. LXDE or XFCE and Lubuntu or Xubuntu both interesting reads :slight_smile:
Spinning a long shot… but what would you say to a new kid like Trinity for a desktop environment? I know its predominantly kde feature but it looks interesting

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Trinity sounds very promising. I’ve tried it, you also get that new light browser, Falkon with it. It does mean including a lot of KDE stuff…

Yeah the new TDE looks quite interesting… especially being an old fella from some 10 years back… having sprouted from K… i’m divided though on this as it looks like it trying too hard to bridge the gap on the older QT and its own TQT… trying to run a debian dev on ubuntu… i dont know lol… deb should be deb and buntu should be buntu imho :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello Biff and hello to you all

I am very happy to be here, can’t wait to test the new
i3 iso when is ready.

Cheers from Italy

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Welcome to the new look community @paolo :slight_smile:

Hi Biff! Hi everyone!

After years of enjoing wattOS I really appreciate the fresh breeze (don’t know if i will get used to the new name though :wink: )! Thx for continuing your work on this fantastic project!

btw: I would prefer LXDE if possible but I completely rely on your expertise :slight_smile:


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Welcome to the forum @MadDoc

many thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:

I agree. LXDE or Trinity. Before I heard about viaOS, I was exploring Sparky and Q4os. Both are interesting in their own way LXQT is still a little young… missing some strange things I like. I thought LIFE was dead or being developed at a snail’s pace…

Welcome to the forum @herndon.jeffreys!
Many thanks for the +1 on LXDE there

Welcome Everyone!
+1 to LXDE or more generic - Openbox. However1, there are distros with openbox (afaik no ubuntu). However2, LXLE is ubuntu with LXDE. However3, I liked the idea of i3 on Ubuntu (there is Regolith though but very heavy).
If you want to be bold - apart from a “normal” version create a “microwatt” (love that name) with dwm or spectrwm spin :slight_smile: but with careful theming, patches and tool selection.

Hi @darek_em given the previous trial and errors and successes with the previous Microwatt incarnations i would assume that Biff will continue to work on it and yeah… keep eyes peeled for official updates

hello Boss any news?

Hi! I’m Emanuel from Italy. I am looking for a very light Ubuntu distro, possibly with support for the Sis 671 video card.
I will need it for very old Sony Vaio, Asus 1001pxd and Asus K50C. The last one is the reason for the request for the card.

Welcome to the forum @EP65 The 671 is a notorious card for any linux distribution and as such to my awareness… it only worked with ubuntu version 12.04 with Xorg 1.11. This one will be a tough one to find and fix a driver for but WattOS has typically been kind to most video cards so i hope we can continue that over with the new viaOS. i’ll tag @biff on this post for his attention